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"Still Water Runs Deep"
Injekt print 10x10 cm
"The shortest Distance between X and Y" I  II  III
- Inspired by Martha Collins "Some things words can do" : Consider the shortes distance from x to y, let x be me, let y be You.
Etching 50x35 cm
Jeg er
for dig
”En skov af Tryk - A Forets of prints”      Art Center Silkeborg Bad. The Danish printmakers Association.
The Exhibition consists of individual works that together make one big Art installation.   As a lyrical supplement to the exhibition a book was published.
Momentum # 2
MOMENTUM#2   -   BKF Exhibition,  Janusbygningen

Title: "Family no1” 100 x 90 cm, "The Lie”  100  x 95 cm. Oil painting

“THE WIDTH OF THE GRASS”, sense exhibition at Oekolariet, Vejle.   
Visuel Artist Hans Kaare and Visuel Artist Helle Koch
"IN TOUCH"    Remissen Brande, Nicolai Art and Design, Kolding
"In Touch" oil painting 
“From the Archives” 
      BKF Exhibition
Nicolai Art and Design

Title:  Jernbanegade 1, Jernbanegade 2.         Oil painting  120 x 100 cm, 60 x 100

Examples of etching
"Cartoons"  30x135  cm
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