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In 2017, Fine Art Photographer Britta Egebjerg and Visual Artist Helle Koch developed an Artist in Residence program AiR-VEJLE, associated GrafiskVærksted Vejle. AiR-VEJLE has a high professional standard and therefore has great international attention. The program collaborates with Vejle Art Museum and
is supported by the Danish Art Council Vejle and Den Obelske Familie Fond.
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Fra Arkivet

BKF exhibition at Nicolai Art and Design, Denmark 2017

The Faroe Islands

In spring 2017 I made a study trip to the Faroe Islands. It resulted in many sketches and a series of square paintings 30 x 30 cm


Exlibris is a trademark of a book. Frederikshavn Museum of Art has the only Exlibris collection in the Nordic region. The collection consists of 500,000 prints and is the world's largest collection. In 2018 I participated with 7 Ex-libris prints in GrafiskVærksted Vejle's exhibition at Frederikshavn Museum of Art. A copy of each Ex-libris is now  represented in the museum's collection.



"A study stay at the "Skrigernes Island" Hirsholmene in June was a great source of inspiration for the exhibition "Ved Græsset Bred" at Økolariet Vejle. For a period we were allowed to add a parenthesis to the permanent exhibitions of the Økolariet in the form of a sentient exhibition. Parenthesis draws attention to the fact that nature is more for man than actual knowledge. We have it with us since birth. Nature is sensitive and beautiful, cloudy and dangerous."   
VisuelArtist Hans Kaare, VisuelArtist Helle Koch

GrafiskVærksted Vejle

Helle Koch is co-founder of the Association Graphic Workshop Vejle and Chairman of GrafiskVærksted Vejle since May 2015 
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